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About Us

In my early childhood, I have faced many problems regarding installing and downloading different things on my computer. But loved everything about computer, I use to surf internet for a solution, but to my surprise, I found out nothing. Then, I realized that there were many people like me, facing same problems. I thought it is always better to start something with yourself, then to advise others to do this or that. I said to myself “why not”. That was the key moment that I decided to make this software

Our aim is to help people, in finding their path towards a solution to their problems. Well, I believe helping others can good for both parties, to them and to you as well. That day and today is the day that thousands of people seek help from our website to help people find answers to their questions. We are committed to help people so that they can operate systems easily as if they themselves invented them.

We believe that using computer, operating systems, and software is as easy as playing with blocks. So, I guess everyone should play with these technological blocks. That’s why we have built a website so that you can help yourself. We are here to make it easy for you to understand every little bit regarding Linux software. Our vocation is to provide information and knowledge that may help professionals and even an inexperienced person to operate the software.

Our website is operated by many experts to assist people in finding their problems first and then solving them later. Today, our website is used by many countries, and encounters lots of downloads around the globe. Since build, this website has done well to not only people but also countries on a larger scale. So whenever you surf internet to search for a solution to your difficulties is the right choice. tells you about everything, whether it is about installing your desktop, how to use ssh, open source software installation and configuration and using several useful commands on the terminal. We provide you with not only wordily information but also imagery which can make you understand quiet easily. We provide step by step procedures so that everything is clear for you.

I am sure that everyone will get all the answers to their questions related to software and operating system, and this website will help you keep your computer (server, desktop) updated.