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Install Brightness Controller in Linux Mint

Install Brightness Controller in Linux Mint
Install Brightness Controller in Linux Mint

Mostly we face a problem of adjusting brightness of our PC or Laptop when we install fresh Ubuntu & Ubuntu based OS like Linux Mint etc. Even brightness does not reduce when we try from Syetem Settings.

Here i’m writing a good solution with steps that need to be done to adjust brightness. How to install brightness controller in Linux Mint (Ubuntu distro).

The Brightness Controller software which we need to install is written in Python language.

Adjust Brightness for Ubuntu

In Ubuntu OS you just simply open the Software Center and search for the Brightness Control. Install the software named brightness control. Open the installed brightness software and scroll will appear now use it to adjust brightness.

Adjust Brightness for Linux Mint

If you are using Linux Mint then run the following command to install python as it is requirement for the software.

sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8

Now download brightness controller from git repository.


Now unzip the downloaded setup.


Now go to the src directoy in directory named master.

cd Brightness-master/src/

Now give executable permission to file file.

chmod 777

Now the run this file as shown below.


Brightness controller has installed successfully. Run the software and use it to adjust brightness.

Hope this tutorial will be invaluable for you.

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