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Privacy Policy

Media knows that privacy is important. And no one wants their personal information to be disclosed to the outsiders in any manner, whether it’s the info available on the internet or otherwise. Information about our visitors is available at our website by the number of visits per user.

Linux Pathfinder is committed to provide best services its users in a protective manner. This privacy policy applies to all the information we upload on our website. We try our level best to control our user’s information stored with us. This information can be in any form, including the IP address of our users and any other identifiable information like registration of data.

If you are going to share any of your personal information on this website, then do read this privacy statement to ensure the level of security we provide.  However, this privacy policy can be changed at any time and the right to change this statement lies with  We do not authorize any third party to change our policies anytime.

What Kind of Data We Collect?

We make it very clear that what kind of data we will require from you and how the data will be used. If you agree to share your personal data, only then you will be redirected to proceed further on the website. Otherwise, the webpage will show restricted access and therefore you will be stopped from navigating further on We ensure that, any changes to the data relating to our users cannot be changed and disclosed to others without their prior approval.

Generally, we collect information from our users which are not prohibited by law. We do not share the information you entrust with us unless and until it is required by law to disclose such information depending upon the rules and regulation of the country from which the user relates.

Why We Collect Your Information?

The purpose of collecting information is made clear before proceeding further. We collect the said data, to enable us to provide quality services to our clients. Your information lets us to decide which language will be beneficial for you and what matters to you the most in relation to the place you live in.

The general purposes for collection of the data are as follows:

  • To provide our users with the best possible services.
  • To provide the users easy search on our website.
  • To ensure others, through your testimonials that we provide the best services along with the assurance of security as well.
  • To ensure that users receive timely e-mails for their respective questions and about the updates on the website regarding the topics they are interested in.

The Area Which This Privacy Statement Covers: wants to make it clear that, it takes the responsibility for the security of the data you share specifically on this website. We do not take responsibility of any other website’s link appearing on our webpage, whether it is just an ad or some other useful link. As there appear many advertisements on our website which support this site one way or another.

We do not have any control on any of the advertisements appearing on our webpage. These websites can ask you for any information, whether it’s your personal information or a routine business. Therefore, we recommend you to go through this privacy statement first before sharing your personal information.

Some malicious ads can be posted on the website and a click on such link may harm you in many ways. So, wants to reassure that we do not provide the security of information you provide on any of such site.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: complies with all the relevant laws and regulation regarding the information it uploads and the data it gathers. tries its level best to assist its users in the best possible way and for that we have designed this privacy policy which is user-friendly. Users who feel that are not appropriately assisted or their information is used in any wrong manner or you receive any malicious content, then you can send your complaints at our contact number or email address which is available at the website. We ensure that we accept our responsibility for all the relevant compliance.